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Rare Edward VIII British Infantry Officer's Sword, Sold

A rare King Edward 8th British infantry officer's sword, in worn / aged but good condition.

Rare Edward VIII British Infantry Officer's Swordimage O78 1

Sold Item Notice

King Edward VIII was only on the British throne for a few short months before he abdicated to marry an American divorcee, and his reign was during a relatively peaceful time in the world, especially for Britain. So very few swords were made with his cypher and many of those that were made had the cyphers subsequently removed as the events surrounding his abdication was seen as a disgrace by many.

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The 32 inch blade in good condition, the etching somewhat faded and with spotting age blemishes, but still firm in the hilt. The hilt is a steel (only) hilt, not a plated hilt as most were; this indicates that the sword was intended for active service. And, in fact, the sword has clear signs of use (wearing), so it was probably worn while on active service by the original owner in spite of the King's abdication. The grip is worn but good with the twisted grip wire bindings present and correct. The leather field service scabbard has wear commensurate with that of the sword, as has the original sword knot.

These are rare swords and this is a very nice and evocative true steel hilted example, and just £xxx to you (too late, now sold, but we will divulge the original sales price for a small fee)! Please quote item reference number O78 (1393). Further / full sized images available upon request.

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