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1630-1640 English Hounslow Hanger (English Civil War Sword), Sold

In very aged though sound condition, an authentic rare (circa) 1630-1640 English Hounslow Hanger / English Civil War Sword.

1630-1640 English Hounslow Hanger (English Civil War Sword)image O56 1

Sold Item Notice

It never ceases to amaze us what swords are sold, claimed to be Hounslow Hangers! This is a guaranteed authentic and very rare (circa) 1630-1640 English Hounslow Hanger / English Civil War Sword. Although the blade is rusted, you can still see the double mirrored crescent mark used by the English bladesmiths in the early 17th Century and also the remnants of an inscription within the fullers. The course vertically fluted grip and hilt is absolutely typical of the early to middle 17th Century. Not only are we certain this sword is English, but also that it was made in Hounslow.

image O56 2

The aged and rusted tri-fullered 29 3/4 inch blade is still sound (we have soaked it in preservation oil to make sure you keep what time thus far has left). Blade a little loose in the hilt but not too much. The hilt guard is well aged and frail, though again sound and now preserved. The original hardwood grip shows sign of wear but is remarkably good for its age; this sword was clearly stored in a humid environment but thankfully away from woodworm.

Look, first try and find a truly authentic Hounslow Hanger at any price, and then, if you can, one for such a low price as ours. We must be crazy! Yours for just £750! Please quote item reference O56 (1383). Further / full sized pictures available upon request.

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