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Shinshinto Mino Wakizashi, KaneFusa, VGC / Good Polish, sold

A fine Mino Shin shinto Wakizashi by one of the Kanefusa family, in good polish.

Shinshinto Mino Wakizashi, KaneFusa, VGC / Good Polishimage O02 1

Sold Item Notice

Probably one of the Kansei era Kanefusas, a well above average shin shinto wakizashi with lovely Mokume Hada (grain) and Asaki-notare ha (straight but undulating) hamon. Complete with high quality finely decorated iron tsuba and kozuka (companion knife).

image O02 2

image O02 3 Kanefusa

The 14 3/4 cutting edge (measured from habaki inset to point) blade is in very good condition and high polish, some scuffing, some tarnishing, but overall very good. The tsuaka and furniture thereof in good condition, some shrinkage of the same (rayskin) but not too much. The lacquered saya in good order, some age and wear; again, not too much. The kozuka and gokatana companion knife sheathes well, as does the sword itself.

A truly lovely, quality, above average shin shinto wakizashi for just £(too late, sorry, now sold, though we will divulge the original sales price for a small fee). Please quote item reference number O02 (1359). Full sized / additional photos available upon request.

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