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1874P Victorian British 2nd Life Guards Officer's Wilkinson Sword, sold

In good overall condition, a late (1882) Victorian 2nd Life Guard (Royal Household Cavalry) officer's Wilkinson sword, our research indicates the sword of Sir Herbert Scarisbrick Naylor-Leyland.

1874P Victorian British 2nd Life Guards Officer's Wilkinson Swordimage N86 1

Sold Item Notice

Serial number 25140 for the second half of 1882, the Wilkinson sales ledger indicates this sword was sold through a retailer (outfitter). However, our research shows the only officer graduating in that period by some margin of error was Sir Herbert Scarisbrick Naylor-Leyland, 1st Baronet. Please note: The guard has lost its 2nd Life Guard insignia, clearly some time ago by the even patina across the guard. But, if you really wanted one, you need only buy a replica 2nd Life Guards sword, remove its 2LG insignia, and attach it to this 100% authentic Wilkinson sword.

image N86 2nd Life Guards Household Cavalry

image N86 2

The 38 1/2 Inch blade is etched with the 2nd Life Guards badge and Queen Victoria's royal cypher, plus the Wilkinson trade mark. The blade is in overall very good condition and is firm in the hilt, a slight bend towards the tip (hardly noticeable). The hilt with the 2LG insignia missing, in good condition, but with some patina patching. The grip is worn but overall good; some of the lesser silver wire grip strands are gone, but this is to be expected as the swords were help a lot by the Household Cavalry not in battle, but in ceremonial possession guarding Queen Victoria. The steel scabbard is overall good. The sword sheathes and draws very well is close enough attention is given to the scabbard lining (so the blade runs through the middle).

Not many around! Best grab it quick. £xxx (too late, now sold - but we will divulge the original sales price for a small fee). Please quote item reference N86. Further / full sized images available upon request. Box 1342-1.18 (3.016)

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