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Oei era Bizen Naginata-Naoshi Katana, Full Polish, For Sale

In full polish (polished by a fully trained second generation polisher in Japan), an Oei era (July 1394 through April 1428) Bizen Naginata-Naoshi Katana, Shin Gunto mounts & ShiraSaya. The mei is badly corroded, but the expert opinion is Oei era Bizen for sure, but are split on the smith; one line believes it to be Bishu Osafune Ju Yoshikage (son-in-law of the legendary Chogi), another Bishu Osafune Kiyomitsu.

Oei era Bizen Naginata-Naoshi Katana, Full Polish, Shin Gunto & ShiraSaya

Sales enquiries

This Naginata-Naoshi came to us in special WW2 shin gunto mounts and we paid for it to go to Japan for the best polish possible. The blade is a Naginata-Naoshi (pole arm) converted for use as a katana blade. As a Naginata-Naoshi, like many (though not all others), it has a bo utsuri requenshing decoration line at the Mune-Machi (notch on the top of the blade). We have retained the shin gunto mounts for you, but the polisher recommends not to use them in case they abrase the blade.

The 26 13/16 inch cutting edge (Nagasa) blade is exceptional, with only a few of the tiniest forging flaws. The shin gunto mounts, specially made for this monster of a blade, has a mon type silver disc to the kabuto-gane (pommel) which reads "Nakano"; this may either be the name of the officer or the Imperial Japanese Army's Elite Intelligence School.

An exceptional guaranteed Oei era Bizen Naginata-Naoshi Katana blade for only £4000 (please, do not ask for a discount as you will not get one, as blades of this quality regularly sell at auction for over twice that amount, and from specialist nihonto dealers for over three times what we are asking).

Please quote item reference N83. Further / full sized images upon request. Box 0111-1.18 (3.377)

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