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1803P Waterloo era British Infantry Officer's Blue & Gilt Sword, Sold

In good condition, a blue and gilt etched 1803 Pattern Napoleonic wars British infantry officer's sword / sabre.

1803P Waterloo era British Infantry Officer's Blue & Gilt Etched Sword / Sabreimage N75 1

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1801 to 1816 British Royal Coat of Arms, black leather grip and slightly shorter 30 inch blade means this 1803P was the property of a rifle regiment officer during the Napoleonic wars. This actually makes the sword a little more valuable and collectible than the stand standard and much more commonly found 32 inch regular infantry officer's version.

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30 Inch blade with approximately 35% to 40% of blue / gilt etching remaining, a small amount of movement in the hilt / grip (not much, really). The hilt retaining much gilt and in good condition. The black leather grip a little aged and worn, but whole, as are the grip wire bindings. The leather and gilt metal fittings scabbard is original to the sword, but the gilt has suffered and the leather shrunk, plus the frog button is missing (these often had suspension rings and frog buttons). The sword will sheath into the scabbard but with some effort (either leather balsam can be applied over time to try and rehydrate / expand the leather, or the leather could be replaced), so we have left the sword out of the scabbard.

A lovely example, well worth £?. Please quote item reference number N75 (1327). Further / full sized pictures available upon request.

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