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1796P / 1811M British Light Cavalry Sword, Prussian Markings, for sale

In very good condition and as rare as they get, one of the British 1796 pattern light cavalry sabres sold by Britain to Prussia in 1807 and 1811, with both British and Prussian acceptance / regiment marks.

1796P / 1811M British Light Cavalry Sabre, Prussian Markings, Waterloo Provenanceimage N35 1

Sold Item Notice

With British regimental "B 70" markings to the langets, a British crown acceptance mark to the blade, and the remains of the British maker's name to the spine, this is a British 1796P light calvary sabre. But, with a Prussian crown acceptance mark to the forward guard, Prussian stock numbers to the spine, a (later) Prussian grip, Prussian regimental markings to the cross guard and scabbard, and exaggerated drag, this is also an 1811M Prussian Blucher. It is one of the few hundred sent to Prussia by the British in 1807 and 1811. The Prussian markings show this sabre ended up with the Train-Abteilung Ersatzbataillon (ammunition cavalry train division) but earlier "264 H1" markings that show it first saw service with the Prussian 1st Husaren-Regiment, who saw action at Waterloo.

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The 32 1/4 inch blade is in very good condition, some minor areas of slight damage to the forward cutting edge (not sword to sword nicks, more like the damage from slashing an opponent), firm in the hilt. The hilt in very good shape, but with patina. The original British grip is gone and has been replaced by a Prussian style grip (more ring turns than the British grip). The scabbard may be British or Prussian; the chape is extended in the Prussian style, not nearly flush as in the British style. The sword sheathes and draws well.

Don't quibble or dilly or dally, go and try and find another for sale and then come back here quickly before someone else gets it. Yours for an incredibly low £1250 (1307). Please quote item reference N35. Further / full sized images available upon request.

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