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WW2 RAF Sword of Wing Commander Edward H 'Mouse' Fielden, sold

In very good condition, the WW2 Royal Air Force officer's sword of Wing Commander Edward Hedley 'Mouse' Fielden, Commander of 161 Squadron, RAF Tempsford, 138 Squadron and the King's Flight.

WW2 RAF Officer's Sword of Wing Commander Edward Hedley 'Mouse' Fieldenimage N19 1

Sold Item Notice

See Wikipedia page on Edward Hedley 'Mouse' Fielden. This sword was bought by us at auction, reported to be from the estate of his widow Lady Fielden who died in 2014. The sword comes complete with various authentic period tags from the office of the Duke of Kent, KC. One tag shows "Flight-Lieut. E. H. Fielden", the "Flight-Lieut." crossed out and "Wing Commander" written above, showing this was his sword in 1936. The Duke of Kent label is written to "Wing Commander E H Fielden" proving this was still his sword in 1946.

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The 32 1/4 inch quality grey etched blade is in very good condition (this is not an acid etched blade), the very tiny tip is bent back (the sword was clearly dropped on its point) but it probably would bend back (if you broke it off, the tip still looks good). There is a tiny amount of movement in the hilt. The hilt retains much gilt. The faux fishskin grip is good, as are the twisted grip wire bindings but for one lesser strand which is slightly astray. The scabbard is overall good for its age. The sword sheathes and draws well. The black all weather bag is aged but in good shape. The labels are 100% authentic; they would not be on this sword bag unless the entire contents were Fielden's.

WW2 RAF officer swords in very good condition sell for £800 to £1000 at auction in the UK because they are very scarce (very few officers bought them for obvious reasons). By the time you add the auction house's commission plus VAT sales tax to that, you are looking at well over the one thousand mark. This sword belonged to a famous wing commander and was his sword during WW2. It is priced to sell at only £xxxx and you had better buy it quick. Please quote item reference N19 (1306). Further / full sized images available upon request.

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