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1751P Huntingdon Militia British Infantry Sword, SOLD

In good condition, a scarce 1751 pattern British infantry hanger (sword) marked to the Huntingdon Militia (62nd Royal American Regiment of Foot).

1751P Huntingdon (62nd Royal American Regiment of Foot) British Infantry Swordimage N08 1

Sold Item Notice

For details of the Huntingdon Militia (62nd Royal American Regiment of Foot), please see text at end of page. This 1751 pattern British infantry sword, of the type used by the British throughout the American War of Independence (Revolutionary War), is marked "M Huntingdon" and "2" over "43" (43rd weapon of the 2nd battalion of the Huntingdon Militia).

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The 24 1/2 inch blade is in good overall condition, though aged and with a couple of nicks to the cutting edge. Blade firm in the hilt. The brass hilt and grip in good though aged condition.

A well above average example. Please quote item reference number N08 (1288). Further / full sized pictures available upon request.

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This regiment was originally raised in New York and Philadelphia (1755) as the 62nd Royal American Regiment of Foot, it was renumbered 60th in 1757 (the regiment was in the West Indies during the American war of Independence). A special act of parliament was passed allowing it to commission foreign officers, it was referred to by some as the British Foreign Legion. From the beginning it consisted of four battalions although over the years this number varied as needs dictated peaking at eight during the Napoleonic period and reducing to two in 1815. In 1824 the remaining foreigners were drafted out of the regiment, one battalion was converted to rifles, the other light infantry (the uniform was changed from red to green as was the norm with rifle regiments). They were renamed the 60th Duke of York's Rifle corps and Light Infantry which was soon changed to the 60th Duke of York's Own Rifle Corps and changed again in 1830 to the 60th Kings Royal Rifle Corps.

1st Bn: Raised as the 2nd in 1755 and served all its time in either America or the West Indies until 1824 when it was brought to England (the remaining foreign soldiers were left behind in Canada) The number was changed to 1st in 1818 when the old 1st was disbanded.

2nd Bn: Raised in 1787 as the 3rd, renumbered 2nd in 1818. It was brought to England in 1830 and also left soldiers on the other side of the Atlantic.

3rd Bn: Raised in Dublin 1855.

4th Bn: Raised in Winchester 1857.

5th Bn: Formerly the Huntingdon Militia Rifles.

6th Bn: Formerly the Royal Flint Militia Rifles. Disbanded 1889.

7th Bn: Formerly the 2nd Middlesex Royal Edmonton Militia Rifles.

8th Bn: Formerly the Carlow Rifles Militia.

9th Bn: Formerly the North Cork Militia Rifles.

There were also 11 volunteer battalions all based in either London or the home counties.

In 1966 this regiment was merged with the Rifle Brigade and the Oxfordshire Light Infantry to become The Royal Green Jackets

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