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Authentic French Heavy Cavalry Trooper's Sword, Waterloo, sold

In very good condition, a guaranteed authentic Waterloo French An XI / XIII Heavy Cavalry Trooper's Sword and original serial number matching scabbard.

Authentic French Heavy Cavalry Trooper's Sword, Waterloo Trophyimage M91 1

Sold Item Notice

They do not come much better than this. Matching hilt and scabbard serial numbers. Original leather grip in very good condition with original grip wire intact. Blade having been greased is in near perfect condition. Again, we guarantee this sword is 100% authentic. Given it is spear point and there are no post-1815 inspection marks, this is a Battle of Waterloo / 100 Days War trophy, bought back to the UK by a serviceman, officer or other associated personnel.

Please see further below / at the end of the page for details on just how much a bargain this sword is compared with others sold recently.

image M91 2

image M91 3

Imperial Klingenthal blade spine dated Avril (April) 1815, correct Poincons / inspection marks for when the sword had been assembled and certified ready for use (May 1815). Hilt stamped once with rack number 507 (not struck out as would likely happen if it had stayed in French army service) as is the scabbard (same rack number of 507).

image M91 4

image M91 5

The 37 1/2 inch spear pointed blade is in excellent condition, just a little light pitting towards the point; the fact the blade is spear pointed shows it was readied for action at Waterloo. Blade firm in the hilt. The hilt we cleaned to show just the right amount of age commensurate with the sword as a whole (you could Brasso it to make it look new). Hilt in very good condition, some marks, not too many. The grip is original and in superb condition; most swords have no or later replacement twisted wire; even the grip wire here is original and in good condition. The pommel tang top is untouched and original (the sword has not been reseated). The original browned scabbard is in great condition, just a little rust pitting to one mid area; nothing much. The sword sheathes and draws well.

Further below (at the end) we have shown what other lesser / misdescribed swords have sold for at UK auction (where buyer has to beware, unlike here); just take a look further below.

This is one of the best authentic Waterloo provenance An XI / XIII heavy cavalry swords you will ever have the chance of buying, so grad it quick at only xxxx (too late, it has now been sold!). Please quote item reference number M91 (1284). Further / full sized pictures available upon request.

image M91 6

image M91 7

image M91 8

Below are two claimed An XI / XIII Waterloo heavy cavalry swords sold at two respected UK auctions; Lyon and Turnbull and Boselys. These are the only ones we have seen at auction recently.

The sword sold by Lyon and Turnbull appears to have a later (modern, reproduction) scabbard, the grip wire looks like a replacement, and the pommel tang top looks like it has been reseated. This sold for £1750 including buyer's premium.

The sword sold by Bosleys has a post-Waterloo 1816 model hilt (notice the forward edge to the guard and the larger number of grip wire turns). This sold for £1560 including buyer's premium.

Had you bought either of these two swords, the auctioneer has the right for you to provide absolute proof that are issues with these swords, and getting absolute proof (versus expert opinion, which is not proof in itself) is very difficult. With us, you have a legal right to return if the item is not as described.

Lyon & Turnbull

image M91 Lyon and Turnball1.JPG

image M91 Lyon and Turnball2.JPG


image M91 Bosleys 1.JPG

image M91 Bosleys 2.JPG

image M91 Bosleys 3.JPG

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