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19C Ottoman Army General Officer's Sword / Mameluke, sold

In overall good though aged and worn condition, a rare 19th Century Ottoman General Officer's short sword / mameluke / shamshir with ivory grip and Ottoman Turkish (version of Perso-Arabic) script inscription to blade.

Ottoman Turkish (version of Perso-Arabic) scriptimage M89 1

Sold Item Notice

A rare Ottoman general's sword, denoted by the ivory grip, lion's head pommel and brass scabbard. This sword with Ottoman script inscription to blade with definite wootz characteristics; the blade is not a European made blade, that is for sure. We believe this to be an army general's sword, but the previous own says he was told it is a senior naval officer's sword. Perhaps then a senior marina artillery officer's sword; you decide.

image M89 2

The 25 9/16 inch blade is in good condition except for bent tip. Blade a little loose in hilt (can be easily "fixed"). The ivory grip with age cracks and small chips missing, as you should expect from ivory this age. The brass scabbard is aged and has many dents but yet the sword sheathes and draws quite well and firmly at end.

Go on, try and buy another at any price. A bargain and investment at only £xxx. Please quote item reference number M89 (1298). Further / full sized pictures available upon request.

image M89 3

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