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C1800 British Royal Naval Officer's Slotted Hilt Cutlass / Sword, sold

A rare Georgian / Napoleonic / Trafalgar era British Royal Navy officer's cutlass / sword / hanger.

Circa 1800 British Royal Naval Officer's Slotted Hilt Cutlass / Hanger / Swordimage M72 1

Sales enquiries

Circa 1800 because of the flush domed pommel and prior to the 1805 naval sword regulations. Naval officer's (not infantry flank officer's) because of the slotted hilt (flank officers having one piece stirrup hilts regulated in 1800). Slotted hilts are normally associated with circa 1770 swords but naval officers had much freedom to have their own design up until 1805. Cutlass only because of the blade length; it is an officer's sword / hanger with fishskin grip. The blade is marked to "I Gill" which is presumed to be a marking for Thomas Gill, but it is mere speculation as to why he marked a small number of blades "I Gill". Note; Not all naval swords had fouled anchors to them; a similar slotted hilt sword can be seen Plate 15 / Sword No 262 "Swords for Sea Service" by May and Annis.

image M72 2 I Gill

27 5/16 Inch blade in good condition, some tiny remnants of etching visible around the forte / ricasso area, a little loose in the hilt but not much. Guard / hilt a little wobbly, not much. Fishskin grip in good condition.

A rare, rare sword and yours for only £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference M72 (1274). Further / full sized images available upon request.

image M72 3

image M72 4

image M72 5


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