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British Royal Horse Artillery Special 1796P Sabre / Sword, Sold

In good condition, a super rare early version of the 1796 special pattern sword / sabre for the RHA.

British Royal Horse Artillery Special 1796P Sabre / Swordimage M64 1

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This is such a rare sword. A Napoleonic British Royal Horse Artillery special pattern sword / sabre; basically a cross between a 1796P heavy cavalry sword hilt and 1796P light cavalry sabre blade. You can tell this is one of the earliest versions (not a post Waterloo version) by the lack of suspension loops to the scabbard; this sword was worn / suspended solely by the single button. This sabre has seen use; the disc hilt has been cut back (the round full disc made the sword uncomfortable to wear and frayed tunics) and the langets removed (these tended to snag on the scabbard). The blade also have been broken at some stage but has been period reforged to prolong its active life (only the experienced eye would notice this unless pointed out). There are no maker or other marks remaining to the sabre; it has been cleaned too much over the years. But there are the remnants of something on the scabbard above the suspension frog button.

image M64 2

The 29 1/2 inch plain blade is in good condition, some pitting / patina spots, a very well done period reforge / mend to the blade, Blade firm in the hilt. The modified hilt with plenty of patina but good. The original grip worn but sound, a couple of worm holes (no extra charge). The specially made original steel scabbard is in good condition; again some patina and signs of wear / use. The sabre sheathes and draws well.

Just try and buy one anywhere else at any price; these sabres are one of the rarest British patterns you will ever find, especially earlier / Napoleonic variants with the suspension frog button like this one. Buy it now for £? (too late, now sold) or likely never get the chance to buy another one again; it is that rare. Please quote item reference M64 (1258). Further / full sized images available upon request.

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