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19C Borneo Dayak Mandau with Langgei Puai whittling knife, sold

In aged but sound condition, a rare 19th Century Borneo Dayak Mandau with Langgei Puai whittling knife.

19C Borneo Dayak Mandau Sword with Langgei Puai whittling knifeimage M46a 1

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A rare authentic 19th Century Dyak Mandau with embedded copper circles into the blade.

image M46a 2

The 20 inch blade is a pleasing dark brown with patina; the tip point of the blade has rust pitting / damage and the end point is a little bent, but overall sound. There is a slight amount of movement of the blade in the carved hardwood hilt. The scabbard is equally aged and worn. The Langgei Puai whittling knife is included and believed to be original to the mandau, though of a different wood.

Buying Dayak Mandaus with copper blade inserts under £1000 is not easy. This then is a bargain at only £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference M46a (1255). Further / full sized images upon request.

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