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1796P Waterloo Spear Point British Heavy Cavalry Trooper's Sword, sold

In good / very good condition for its age, an authentic British 1796 pattern heavy cavalry trooper's sword with spear point indicating it was at Waterloo, with possibly a later replacement scabbard.

1796P Waterloo Spear Pointed British Heavy Cavalry Trooper's Swordimage M39 1

Sold Item Notice

The sword is 100% authentic but the scabbard we believe may be later. The sword has been reseated for whatever reason, though the grip and hilt / guard are authentic, so maybe the blade just became loose. The blade has a 100% correct crown inspection mark showing the sword was accepted into British military service; fake inspection marks do not get it right (we guarantee this one is authentic). The scabbard has some age but not much; we do not believe this is the original scabbard for this sword, but it does fit well save for catching now and again (may simply need some grease).

image M39 2

image M39 3

The 34 1/2 inch blade is in good condition but with a few period nicks to the forward cutting edge; blade firm in the hilt. No maker's name to spine, possibly once was. Hilt a little bent here and there but overall good. The grip has seen better days but is still good enough. The hilt has been browned (some brown stain applied) over the backpiece and tang point which indicates it was reseated (maybe a good idea to remove the browning and simply brush water on over time to age in keeping with the sword generally). The scabbard is in very good condition; the sword sheathes and draws well except sometimes catches.

Despite the reseating and suspected non-original (to the sword) scabbard, this is a very respectable sword indeed and would normally warrant a sales tag of over £2000 in this condition if it were not for our observations. The spear pointed blade indicates the sword was at Waterloo, and original grip allows you to hold the same sword as once the original trooper did, which both facts make this a very desirable item. OK, yours for £xxxx; grab it quick. Please quote item reference M39 (1271). Further / full sized images available upon request.

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