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19C Borneo Dayak Mandau / Parang Ilang / Malat / Baieng, sold

In good condition, a rare and fine 19th Century Borneo Dayak Mandau / Parang Ilang / Malat / Baieng with Langgei Puai whittling knife.

19C Fine Borneo Dayak / Parang Ilang / Malat / Baieng with Langgei Puai knifeimage M21 1

Sold Item Notice

An exceptional 19th Century Dyak mandau, probably for a village elder or chief. The well made and often elaborate blade engraved and embedded with gold or copper into both the normal circles plus rarer stylized "s"'s. The hilt and Langgei Puai whittling knife with very well carved ivory. The sheath with embossed dragons.

image M21 2

image M21 3

The 18 1/4 inch blade is in good condition and firm in the hilt. The hilt remarkably good for its age; one small ring just before the blade is broken, otherwise just age and wear. The ivory remains very good with only tiny damage / wear. The sheath shows age, some splitting near the throat, but still sound and good.

Try and find a better one! Especially at only £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference M21 (1254). Further / full sized images upon request.

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