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M 1811 Blucher Prussian Cavalry Trooper's Sabre

Later version (circa 1840) of the M 1811 Prussian cavalry trooper's sabre in very good condition.

M 1811 Prussian Cavalry Trooper's Sabreimage m1811 prussian blucher cavalry troopers sword

Sold Item Notice

The M 1811 Blucher Prussian cavalry trooper's sabre is based on and virtually identical to the 1796 P British light cavalry sword; of all of these I have ever handled, this version has to be the most satisfying feel wise. A somewhat heavy, well made, perhaps monstrous looking sabre with the tell-tale rubber feel grip and thick steel knucklebow guard found on later versions. Bearing the crown mark for Frederick William IV (1840–1861), this sword was likely made around 1845.

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Marked to a regional cavalry unit across the hilt "R. P. C. 8. 62. GC" which I believe is for a unit from the then Rhine Province ("Rheinprovinz"), these swords were superceded in 1858 yet many still saw action in the Franco-Russian War (1870). Although the sabre has no scabbard, it deserves to be displayed out of one anyway. The blade is in very good order, form in the hilt, and the hilt is very good too. Further pictures available upon request.

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