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Sengoku Period Japanese Wakizashi, Bishu No Ju Sukesada, Sold

In very good condition with good original polish, a very high quality Sengoku Period Japanese Wakizashi, signed Bishu No Ju Sukesada (verified by the V&A Museum).

Sengoku Period Japanese Wakizashi, Bishu No Ju Sukesadaimage L84 1

Sold Item Notice

This wakizashi was appraised by Basil William "Robbie" Robinson Keeper of the Department of Metalwork at the Victoria & Albert Museum, with specialist knowledge in Japanese militaria, and author of several Japanese books on the subject. Robbie believed the blade dated from the Mid to Late 16th Century, though the only other blade reference we can find online exactly for "Bishu No Ju Sukesada" was for a blade dated 1502. There were a number of high quality smiths who signed "Sukesada" during that century, and some are very notable / highly ranked indeed.

image L84 2

image L84 2 Robbie B W Robinson Albert Victoria Museum

The 17 7/8 inch (cutting edge / Nagasa) blade is in a good state of polish, some small ware, nothing much, a good pleasing grain, a few scuffs, clear hamon. Furniture in good condition. There is no kozuka. A full description was made on the original sale document which we have photographed (please request additional images).

With full verification except as to which Sukesada this was made by (no matter which one, the sword is worth our price and may well be the bargain of a lifetime if it transpire to be one of the highly ranked Sukesadas), this is a stunning investment. Please quote item reference L84. Further / full sized images available upon request.

image L84 4

image L84 3



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