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WW2 Imperial Japanese Naval Officer's Kai Gunto / Sword, Sold

In good condition, a late WW2 Imperial Japanese naval officer's kai-gunto sword, signed Kaokane.

WW2 Imperial Japanese Naval Officer's Kai Gunto / Swordimage L55 1

Sold Item Notice

Naval kai guntos, by nature of the fact that so many were lost to the ocean, are the rarest of the Imperial Japanese armed forces swords. This one, complete with anchor stamp, is signed by Kaokane. The blade is not gendaito but has a good clear hamon and feel to it.

image L55 2 Kaokane

image L55 3

The 24 3/8 inch cutting edge (Nagasa) blade is in good condition, some scuffs, a nick towards the point, plus it was field sharpened, but overall good. Some movement in the hilt, not much. The hilt generally good. The saya with the top throat piece missing, but otherwise good. The sword sheathes and draws well.

An above average example at a low price; just £xxx (too late, now sold - though we will divulge the original sales price for a small fee). Please quote item reference L55 (1195). Further / full sized images available upon request.


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