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WW2 French / German SS 33rd Waffen Grenadiers Bayonet, for sale

In good condition, an authentic WW2 German bayonet with blade etched to the 33rd French SS Charlemagne.

image L52 French German SS 33rd Waffen Charlemagne Grenadiers Bayonet

Sold Item Notice

So, the bayonet and sheath / scabbard are authentic. There is a lot of opinion and conjecture regarding SS etched bayonets. The truth is, if a bayonet was issued, there is no evidence that the SS etched their bayonets. However, the style of this etching is different to other presumed post-war etchings, and there are no issue markings, and the bayonet is marked to the French SS, not the German SS per say, although the former were obviously under the command of the later. It may well have been that the 33rd French SS Grenadiers did allow their bayonets to be engraved. In any event, the quality of the etching is so high, and the regiment so unique, that this bayonet likely surpasses the value of post-war engraved German bayonets. So, at the price we are asking, this is a no-brainer as to value. And hey, you just maybe onto the bargain of a lifetime.

9 3/4 inch blade very well etched and firm in the grip. All seems good. Sheath / scabbard with some markings, including "42 fnJ". Draws and sheathes well. A very solid investment at only £(too late - though we will advise the original sales price for a small fee). Further and full sized images available upon request. Item reference L52 (P286).

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