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1821 Patt British Heavy Cavalry Trooper's Wilkinson Sword, Sold

In very aged and worn condition, an exceptionally rare Wilkinson made 1821 pattern British heavy cavalry trooper's sword, blade officially reduced.

1821 Patt British Heavy Cavalry Trooper's Wilkinson Swordimage L38 1

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These swords are so rare. They had one of the longest and most arduous service lives of any British sword. This one clearly, as most were, reduced to a practice sword, officially shortened for the purpose to just under 32 inches. The cutting edge is covered in period nicks; most if not all of which were as a result of it being used in practice. A sad end for a might sword, but one of the very few you will ever come across, in any condition.

image L38 2

image L38 3

The 31 3/8 inch blade has nicks all along the cutting edge and is in very aged and worn condition, no acceptance or other marks still visible, though the Wilkinson name still clear on the spine. The blade is firm in the hilt and the hilt is pretty good, at least not significantly misshapen. The grip has a more recent patch over it, though the groves still seem intact underneath.

Yes, it is a battered shadow of its former glorious self, but go and find any other and you will hopefully see that our price of £xxx (too late, now sold - original sales price divulged for small fee) is actually very good indeed. Please quote item reference L38 (1199). Further / full sized images available upon request.

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