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WW2 Japanese 1937M Naval / Marine Officer's Kai-Gunto Katana, sold

In good condition, a late WW2 Imperial Japanese naval / marine (Naval Landing Forces) officer's kai-gunto sword.

WW2 Japanese 1937M Naval / Marine Officer's Kai-Gunto Katana / Swordimage L18 1

Sold Item Notice

With only one ashi (suspension ring), these naval kai-gunto are often associated with Naval Landing Force officers (marines). The wooden saya may well have originally been plain with a black leather combat cover, but this one is painted black which may or may not be period. The sword is late war because of the black pitch tsuka; earlier swords would have been rayskin. Because the sword is clearly late WW2 and because there is no indication that the blade is gendaito, we have not removed the tsuba to expose the tang, nor will we do so, as such act is pointless.

image L18 2

The 25 1/4 inch (64 cm) cutting edge (Nagasa) blade is in very good condition, some scuffs, but overall very good. The sword generally also very good and the blade straight. The saya (scabbard) has splits along the edges towards the end. These swords normally go for a lot more at auction even. Please quote item reference L18 (1196). Further / full sized images upon request.

image L18 3

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