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WW1 era / George V British RN Midshipman's Dirk, Sold

In good overall condition, almost certainly 1916-1918, a post Victorian, pre-Edward VIII British Royal Naval Midshipman's dirk.

WW1 era / George V British RN Midshipman's Dirkimage L10 1

Sold Item Notice

With no maker's or retailer's name to the ricasso, this is almost certainly a 1916 to 1918 made RN dirk; during this period of production over detail, many swords had no such markings to them.

In any even, it is a 100% authentic period dirk. The 16 1/2 blade etching is still very clear though the blade has several patina spots / patches. The hilt is good; we are not sure if one quillon is actually bent inwards a little; it is very hard to say. The fishskin grip is a little grubby but sound / good, as are the twisted grip wire bindings. The leather of the scabbard has lost most of its surface, though the scabbard is still firm / sound. And it locks well onto the hilt.

A very good example for only £xxx. Please quote item reference L10 (1195). Further / full sized images available upon request.

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