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Early WW2 Imperial Japanese Army Officer's Katana, Sold

In good overall condition, an early WW2 Imperial Japanese army officer's shin gunto katana, signed Kanetsune.

Early WW2 Imperial Japanese Army Officer's Katanaimage L02 1

Sold Item Notice

With 1926-1941 Showa stamp, this katana is an early war private purchase officer's sword with bespoke tsuba, as was common. The hamon is still very pronounced and has some non-etched characteristics, but the blade is not true Gendaito, but also not one of the lower grade rolled / milled steel blades. The tang signed "Kanetsune (made this)".

image L02 2

image L02 3

The 26 inch cutting edge (Nagasa) is scuffed and has some small amounts of other aging here and there, but generally is very good. Overall, the entire katana is in good shape, though aged as to be expected.

A nice example. Please quote item reference L02 (1183). Further / full sized images available upon request.

image L02 5

image L02 4

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image L02 6

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