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1811 Model Prussian Cavalry Trooper's Blucher Sabre, Sold

In very good condition, an almighty and impressive 1811 model Prussian cavalry blucher sabre; the sword dated to 1830, the scabbard older, perhaps Napoleonic.

1811 Model Prussian Cavalry Trooper's Blucher Sabreimage K92 1

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These swords, although "copies" of the British 1796 pattern light cavalry sabre, are much more impressive due to their weight and construction. This particular sabre was made in 1830 (marked "1830" to the spine which is a nice example as the date was only marked in full between 1830 and 1835). The scabbard with several regimental markings, the oldest obliterated (the Prussians did this, they completely obliterated rather than just strike through the regimental history of a sword / scabbard). So, it is fair to say, the sabre was a replacement of the original (for the scabbard) which was considered unserviceable for whatever reason.

image K92 2

image K92 3

The 32 blade is in exceptionally good condition and firm in the hilt. The hilt / grip / guard all very good. The scabbard with some age, but still good. The sword sheathes and draws well. This is an almighty and well impressive sword / sabre. The last regimental markings show it was carried by a mounted artillery ammunitions train trooper. Complete with what looks like the original white leather sword knot.

A near perfect example of a very impressive sword. Please quote item reference number K92 (1177). Further / full sized pictures available upon request.

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