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1854P VRI Victorian British Infantry Officer's Sword, Sold

A stunning VRI 1854P with a most unusual Edinburgh etching to the blade.

1854P VRI Victorian British Infantry Officer's Swordimage K37 1

Sold Item Notice

This is a rare VRI (Victoria Regina Imperatrix - Victoria, Queen and Empress) 1854 pattern British infantry sword in highly desirable condition and made even more desirable by the etching to the ricasso of the fine blade; it reads "J Johnston 13 St James Sq Edinburgh". This is unusual because J Johnston were a publisher, not a sword make or cutler or retailer, so why their name is on the ricasso is open to speculation. Most likely, it was presented to a member of the family who was commissioned into the British Army to serve in India. In any event, the blade is in exceptional condition, except for some rubbing to "J Johnston" through sheathing / drawing the sword.

image K37 2

image K37 3

The superb 32 1/2 inch blade is in very good, near mint condition and form in the hilt. The hilt has some bending, as is normally with these frail gilt on brass "Gothic" hilts. The fishskin is in very good condition generally but some of the strands of the twisted grip wire are missing. The lovely leather over heavy steel field service scabbard is something special on its own, aged but in good order. The sword sheathes and draws very well.

A lovely, really good and scarce sword for only £500. Please quote item reference K37 (1179). Further / full sized pictures available upon request.

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