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19/20C Indonesian Javanese Surakarta Keris / Kris, Sold

A fine keris with unusual rare form of grip and unique partly wavy, partly straight blade, in good condition.

image K16 Indonesian Javanese Surakarta Keris Kris

Sales enquiries

A beautiful bespoke / individual keris from Surakarta in Java Indonesia. 44cm partly wavy, partly straight blade in good condition and with fine pamour. The fine silver metal (probably real silver) cup is finely made. The grip in good condition. The sheath with some damage to one end and general age / wear. Not many like this around, so don't expect to find another any time soon if you miss this one. Yours for £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item number K16 (1170). Further pictures available upon request.

image K16 2

image K16 3

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