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Japanese WW2 Officer's Signed Gendaito Shin-Gunto (sold)

Seki stamped / war mounts (but traditionally forged gendaito blade) WW2 Japanese army officer's shin-gunto katana with saya; signed tang "Noshu Ju Asai Toshihide Saku Kore".

Japanese WW2 Officer's Shin-Gunto Seki / Signed KatanaJapanese WW2 Officer's Shin-Gunto Katana with signed tang

Sold Item Notice

Very good condition WW2 Japanese Officer's Gendaito Shin-gunto katana with signed tang by Asai Toshihide with Seki stamp. Asai Toshihide was a Rikugun Jumei Tosho smith. Rikugun Jumei Tosho were certified war time Japanese Gendaito swordsmiths; their names appear in "Rikugun Jumei Tosho Meibo (1933)".

Everything tight as it should be, saya fits like a glove and (scabbard) locking mechanism working fine. Slight cloud blemishes to some areas of 26.5 inch blade which has a clear and "active " (irregular) "Gunome-ha" type hamon which shows it to be Gendai made using traditional forging methods, even though the Seki stamp is normally associated with mass-produced blades.

Signed Shin Gunto Tang

Further pictures available upon request.

Shin Gunto Blade Tip

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