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Japanese 1937P WW2 Naval Officer's Kai-Gunto (Sold)

A rare Japanese 1937 pattern WW2 naval officer's kai-kunto with quality shargreen saya (scabbard).

Japanese WW2 Naval Officer's Kai-GuntoJapanese 1937 Pattern Naval Officer's Kai-Gunto

Sold Item Notice

Given most WW2 Japanese naval kai-guntos went down with the ships their officers served on, these 1937 Pattern swords are extremely rare. This particular sword has an unsigned tang and higher quality shargreen saya / scabbard, raising the prospect it was made for a front line naval officer.

Hamon and Shargreen Saya

The 67.5cm (including habaki) / 65 cm cutting edge blade is in overall very good condition and a very distinct Sugu ha (straight) hamon. It should be noted that in Richard Fuller and Ron Gregory's full edition Japanese Military and Civil Swords and Dirks, considered to be the "bible" of reference books, the Sugu ha is not listed on their chart (Fig 60, Page 214) of so-called Yakiba (artificial acid etched applied to low grade blades) patterns. The blade has a couple of dings to it, one each side (not fatal), and some slight staining in one small area, plus some surface scratches near the tip; but it remains one of the better condition blades I have seen. The shargreen saya has split (from dryness) alond the bottom edge. The remains of the surrender tag is still stuck to one side of the saya; this will easily come off with water; I left it on in case the new owner would like to keep it that way. The grip is in good order.

image Japanese WW2 Naval Officers Kai Gunto 4

Further / full sized pictures available upon request. Ref 166.


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