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Japanese Kokura Arsenal WW2 NCO's Katana (sold)

Very good condition World War Two Japanese 1935 Pattern Non-Commissioned Officer's Katana / Sword with scabbard (saya), blade and fuchi correctly stamped, matching serial numbers.

Japanese NCO Katana Kokura Arsenal1935 Pattern Japanese NCO Katana

Sold Item Notice

Very good condition WW2 katana for a Japanese NCO with serial number 69532 to 69.5 cm blade and to the throat of the scabbard. Please note this is an authentic item and the serial number next to the Kokura arsenal mark is correctly aligned to the fuller, not the edge. The fuchi is also correctly stamped; see Japanese Military and Civil Swords and Dirks by Fuller and Gregory, page 88 (full hard back edition).

image 1935P Japanese NCO Katana WW2 3

The blade is in very good condition but with some ominous nicks to the cutting edge; these look period. The katana sheathes very well and locks into place firmly. The original copper paint has been worn off over time from the aluminium hilt. A very, very good example.

image 1935P Japanese NCO Katana WW2 4

The katana is said to have come from a Japanese NCO at a POW camp. Further pictures available upon request. Ref: 165

image 1935P Japanese NCO Katana WW2 5


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