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1799 Model French Artillery Officer's 5 Ball Spadroon Sword, Sold

In good aged condition, a rare 1799M French artillery officer's sword, a 5 ball spadroon.

Napoleonic 1799 Model French Artillery Officer's 5 Ball Spadroon Swordimage J96 1

Sold Item Notice

In 1799, the French copied the British 5 ball spadroon. This version has the winged artillery thunderbolts to the pommel. As this came from an English estate, it ia quite likely this sword was a war trophy from the Napoleonic Peninsular War, the forerunner to the 100 Day War (Waterloo).

image J96 2

With traces of the typically French blue and gilt etching to the 32 5/8 inch blade, it is firm in the hilt. The brass hilt in good order, a little misaligned as should be expected from soft brass. The diagonally lined ivory grip has some minor damage and staining, but not too much.

Overall, a very good buy because of the scarcity alone. Please quote item reference J96 (1158). Further / full sized images available upon request.

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