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1796 Pattern British Light Cavalry Officer's Blue & Gilt Sabre, Sold

An 1801 to 1816 made Napoleonic Wars British light cavalry officer's blue and gilt etched cavalry sabre, in good overall condition.

1796 Pattern British Light Cavalry Officer's Blue & Gilt Sabreimage J51 1

Sold Item Notice

The legendary 1796P, rightfully feared by the French. This one with 1801 to 1816 British royal coat of arms makes it 100% Napoleonic. The blue and gilt etching still clear, but aged, perhaps 40% blue and gilt remaining.

image J51 2

image J51 3

The 32 3/8 blade with some rust, plenty of aging, but the etching still very clear, and the blade is firm in the hilt. The steel stirrup hilt well patinated but solid, damage to one of the grip ears. The fishskin grip still good but the twisted grip wire bindings are gone. The steel field service scabbard aged and with rust patches but overall sound. The sabre sheathes and draws OK if a little loosely.

These iconic sword just keep appreciating in price. At £xx, grab it while you can. Please quote item reference J51 (1142). Further / full sized pictures available upon request.

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