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Shinshinto Period Japanese Wakizashi, sold

In good to overall very good condition, an unsigned Shinshinto Wakizashi.

Shinshinto Period Japanese Wakizashi, Toran-Ha hamonimage J38 1

Sold Item Notice

A good and well furnished Shinshinto wakizashi with what appears to be a very feint Shinshinto Toran-Ha hamon; the blade has been overly western polished, so the hamon is very feint.

image J38 2

image J38 3

The 49cm (from mune-machi to tip / cutting section) blade is in good condition, though has been western cleaned; the hamon is just visible, as are some small ware (forging wriggles). The furniture is all good quality; the black lacquered saya has a smallish hair crack (from dehydration shrinkage most likely). The same (rayskin) along one side of the tsuka (grip) has split from dehydration. The tsuba alone is probably worth £150+

A very respectable wakizashi for a very good (low) price. Please quote item reference J38 (1116). Further / full sized pictures available upon request.

image J38 4

image J38 5

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