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Shinshinto Satsuma Province Unsigned Katana, sold

In very good condition, an unsigned Shinshinto Katana.

Shinshinto Satsuma Province Unsigned Katanaimage J37 1

Sold Item Notice

Lovely Sugu-o-midare-ha hamon, so almost certainly Satsuma Province, mid to late 19C, with silver (possibly genuine silver) "cat scratch" habaki.

Sugu-o-midare-ha hamon

The impressive 79.5 cm (from mune-machi to tip) blade has been western cleaned but still shows good amounts of clear hamon. A few minor wriggles of ware, but overall an exceptionally well made blade. The sword itself is in overall very good condition, complete with very nice Kaneiye school style tsuba; the only really noticeable issues are a slightly over cleaned (rather than polished) blade which may well benefit enormously simply from a uchiko ball, the same has split (from dehydration) one side and the kurigata has come off and is missing (an easy replacement). Otherwise, this is a very good katana indeed.

A very sound investment. Please quote item reference J37 (1117) . Further / full sized pictures available upon request.

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