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1821P British Light Cavalry Trooper's Sword / Sabre by E Gill, Sold

In good condition, a rare E Gill made 1821 pattern British light cavalry trooper's sword / sabre.

1821P British Light Cavalry Trooper's Sword / Sabre by E Gillimage I95 1

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A scarce 1821P light cavalry trooper's sabre made rare courtesy of the maker, E Gill (Elizabeth Gill, the widow of legendry sword maker John Gill), dating the sword's manufacture from 1826 to 1837. The hilt is marked with an early style troop and weapon / trooper number "E 14" which means this sword was carried by a regular cavalry regiment trooper, as yeomanry / reservist cavalry went up to 4 troops (A to D inclusive). No acceptance or other markings can be seen, but this appears to be a result of wear / over cleaning though, it has to be said, Elizabeth Gill exported a lot of swords to the United States (which therefore would not have crown acceptance marks), so this could be one that saw service in the US, though that would not easily explain the fact we bought the sword from an estate in England. Plus, the style of the "E 14" is typically British.

image I95 2 Elizabeth Gill

image I95 3

The 35 inch period sharpened blade is well aged, with some pitting around the forward half, and is firm in the hilt. The steel hilt also is aged, though only very lightly pitted and very sound. The leather bound grip is aged but still there; these swords saw such long and arduous service lives (over half the light cavalry swords used by the British in the Crimea War - October 1854 - are believed to have been 1821P's) and most examples are in much worse shape than this one.

The heavy steel scabbard is solid but aged / pitted. The sword sheathes and draws well enough, albeit loosely.

A well above example and with a rare maker's mark, just £xxx (too late, now sold - but we will divulge the original sales price for a small fee). Please quote item reference number I95 (1105). Further / large images available upon request.

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