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1805 Pattern Senior British Royal Navy Officer's Sword, sold

A levee weight 1805 pattern Georgian / Napoleonic British Royal Navy officer's sword, the ivory grip indicating it was for a senior, perhaps flag officer. In good overall condition.

1805 Pattern Senior British Royal Navy Officer's Swordimage I90 1

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Levee (light) weight swords have thinner blades than regular size swords. Many Royal Naval officers preferred them on the basis that if they were involved in a sword fight, they would use on the ship's cutlasses as these were much more effective as fighting weapons on fairly cramped ships. Levee weight swords were also, it has to be said, worn extensively by the ship surgeons which actually increases the likelihood the sword was on a ship that saw battle service.

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The 26 3/4 inch blade is in good condition and firm in the hilt. The hilt retains much gilt. The finely checkered cut ivory grip is impressively done. Some ivory loss under the pommel. The twisted grip wire bindings are good. The original scabbard has survived but not very well; the stitching is loose, the lower fitting has come off (the leather has split at this point). The sword does not sheath or draw at all well and we recommend that the eventual buyer either has a leather worker replace the leather, or simply displays the sword outside of the scabbard. But, take note, it is a big bonus to have the original scabbard in any condition.£600. Please quote item reference number I51. Further / full sized images upon request. Tube 23 (1.994).

Who knows where this sword has been or what the original owner experienced and where. In any event, a senior ivory grip RN officers sword from at or around the time of the Battle of Trafalgar for only £xxx is one of the best and most evocative purchases you can make. Please quote item reference I90 (1093). Further / full sized images available upon request.

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