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1800's Napoleonic Wars British Infantry Flank Officer's Sword, Sold

With good amounts of the blue and gilt etching remaining, although somewhat aged, this 1800's Georgian British infantry flank officer's sabre / sword is in overall desirable condition.

1800's Napoleonic Wars British Infantry Flank Officer's Sword, Blue & Giltimage I75 1

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With very clear blue and gilt etching, particularly one side (the other side of the photo to the left), this makes a stunning display sword.

image I75 2

image I75 3

The 29 inch curved blade has some areas of former rust, especially towards the point (the very tip is slightly bent), and shows its age generally, but has some really nice areas of blue and gilt etch remaining, especially around the British Royal Coat of Arms, and is pretty much straight looking along the spine. There is a little bit of movement in the hilt, not too much, and there is a langet missing probably as these tended to catch on the scabbard when the sword was sheathed. The fishskin grip is worn, aged and has some damage, but overall is good. The steel scabbard has some dings, etc. and a couple of holes from rust, but overall is quite good and still sound; the sword sheathes and draws loosely.

A good amount of blue and gilt on an iconic Napoleonic British infantry officer's sword for only £? (too late, now sold)! Please quote item reference I75 (1075). Further / full sized images available upon request.

image I75 4

image I75 5


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