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1892 Pattern Victorian British Infantry Officer's Sword, sold

A rare 1892 pattern Victorian British infantry officer's sword by Hawkes and Company.

1892 Pattern Victorian British Infantry Officer's Sword, Hawkes & Coimage I66 1

Sold Item Notice

Looks like an 1854 pattern sword? Well, not quite, it has the so called "dumb bell" blade (looking at the cross section of it shows raised sides with a narrow middle), not a fullered blade as was used before. In 1892, due to problems with the strength of the fullered blade, the dumb bell blade was introduced. However, in 1895 / 1897, a new steel hilt was introduced (with the dumb bell blade), so most 1892 swords had their blades rehilted into the new 1895/1897P and the old hilt thrown away! So few of the original 1892 patterns survived. OK, certain Corps (medical and transport) continued with the 1892 pattern but these are not the original infantry swords, this is.

image I66 2

image I66 3

So, we have an actual, authentic Victorian British 1892 pattern infantry officer's sword, a very rare sword.

The 32 1/8 inch straight blade is aged and a little worn, but overall good with the etching still clear, and is firm in the hilt. The hilt also a little dull with age, some bending to the outer bar as is common with this style of brass hilt, but still good / sound. The fishskin grip is in very good shape, as rare the twisted grip wire bindings. The lovely old style Victorian leather scabbard is aged and creased and there is a slit the point of the blade can come though if you do not take care when sheathing, but is still overall sound and looks good on the sword. The sword sheathes and draws well if a little loose.

A genuine investment. Please quote item reference number I66 (1089). Further / full sized images upon request.image I66 4

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