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German WW1 Westfalisches Train Battalion No. 7 Officer's Sword for sale

A scarce 1852 Model WW1 German Mounted Supply Train officer's sword, etched to The Westfalisches (Westphalian) Train Battalion No. 7, in good condition.

German 1852 Model WW1 Westfalisches Train Battalion No. 7 Officer's Swordimage I52 1

Sold Item Notice

Alex Coppel made. In truth this sword likely just predates WW1, although no doubt was carried during it, as The Westfalisches (Westphalian) Train Battalion No. 7 was the Train Battalion of the Seventh Army Corps during the Great War (swords made during WW1 would not likely had an area battalion etched to the blade). The blade typically pre-war (very well) etched, the hilt / guard with clear signs of wear through use (the hilt is not that strong and is deformed apparently from being worn and pushed against the officer); these swords one of the few actually worn by mounted officers as the supply trains still actively used horses.

image I52 2

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The 34 inch blade is in good condition, well etched and firm in the hilt. The hilt is aged and tarnished and lightly rusted along the backpiece, some distortion overall. The fishskin grip has some wear but is still good. The scabbard is overall good, a small ding / crease / slight bending towards the drag but not to bad. The sword sheathes and draws well though, despite this. Remains of leather knot.

A good example and well worth £xxx. Please quote item reference number I52 (1090). Further / full sized images available upon request.

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