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Senior British Royal Naval Officer's Sword, JJ Runkel, sold

A very good 1805 pattern / Battle of Trafalgar era British Royal Navy officer's sword, the ivory grip indicating it was for a senior, perhaps flag officer. In generally good to very good condition, though the quillon finale is missing.

1805 Pattern Senior British Royal Naval Officer's Sword, JJ Runkelimage I51 1

Sold Item Notice

Made by JJ Runkel, the prestigious sword maker of the late 18th and very early 19th Century, indicating this sword was made around 1805 itself (the model of sword was in use before 1805 - JJ Runkel being prominent before and at the turn of the century meaning this sword is definitely a Trafalgar era sword).

The blade having lost its once vibrant blue and gilt etching, although some etching pattern is still clear. The ivory grip is magnificent, one of the best quality grips we have seen, and besides some minor chips, in very good condition and with very little aging (ivory this age tends to have many hairline fractures). The quillon finale is missing (broken off); this is very common but specialists such as Crisp & Sons normally can create and attach a new one if desired.

image I51 2

image I51 3

The 28 inch blade is in good condition, most etching outlines including Georgian royal cypher still clearly visible, and firm in the hilt. The hilt retaining much gilt, the ivory grip in very good condition.

This is a well above average example of a quality senior Royal Naval officer's sword and well worth xxx. Please quote item reference number I51 (t23). Further / full sized images upon request.

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