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WW2 Japanese Army Officer's Shin Gunto, unsigned, Sold

In very good condition with original polish, a World War Two Japanese infantry officer's shin gunto katana, unsigned, with tassel.

WW2 Japanese Army Officer's Shin Gunto Katana, unsigned, original polish, tassleimage I45 1

Sold Item Notice

It is difficult to tell if the blade is a true Gendaito, there were several grades down to machine made blades, which this is not, we suspect it is somewhere in the middle. Without any inspection stamp, this blade is almost certainly therefore a private purchase, by the original officer owner or his family. The presence of the sword knot / tassel indicates the sword was taken from the officer in battle; it is not a post surrender sword as the officers removed their sword knots. The brown and blue cord and tassel means the owner was a field officer, of course, as you would expect with a field service leather saya.

image I45 2

The 25 3/8 inch blade (excludes habaki) is in very good condition (what may look like a nick in the photos is not, it is a fabric tuft) with a good pronounced hamon, has cleaning scuffing, but is in its original polish. The rest of the gunto is also in good order. The sarute loop (little metal triangle at the end of the pommel) is missing, the sword would originally have had a leather combat cover (covering the tsuka / hilt / grip) and a leather fuchi ring cover with stud retainer (a popper socket to hold the scabbard in place when sheathed) but it is rare to find gunto with these anyway (easily made if you know a good leather worker).

A well above average quality shin gunto. Please quote item reference number I45 (1049). Further / large images available upon request.



image I45 3

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