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WW2 Japanese Army Officer's Shin Gunto Katana, sold

In good condition, a World War Two Japanese infantry officer's shin gunto katana, signed by Kawasaki Nagamitsu.

WW2 Japanese Army Officer's Shin Gunto Katana, Kawasaki Nagamitsuimage I09 1

Sold Item Notice

Not much is known about the blade smith Kawasaki Nagamitsu. His details appears twice on authoritative Richard Stein's Japanese Sword Index; here and here. This blade does not have any army acceptance stamps on it, so it may be gendaito or at least one of the better grades of blade made during the war. It certainly has a very good tsuba and seppa (washer) set. Signed "No Shu Ju Kawasaki Nagamitsu saku"

image I09 2 Noshu Ju Kawasaki Nagamitsu saku

The 25 1/2 inch blade (excludes habaki) is in good condition with a clear hamon, though the blade has been zealously polished and period field sharpened (though well enough for a field sharpen); it is really hard to tell if the blade is gendaito or not. The tsuka (grip) is good but there are some glue patches that indicate the wooden frame has split as some stage. The saya (scabbard) is sound but faded. The locking pin system still works, just; it has been badly handled in the past 9as they often are) but should last.

Anyway, look, this is an excellent quality WW2 shin gunto at a very good low price. Please quote item reference number I09 (1025). Further / large images available upon request.

image I09 3

image I09 4

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