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1822 Pattern Hilted Senior Welsh Infantry Officer's Sword, Sold

With etched dragon and triple arrows to the blade, a senior Welsh infantry, probably flank officer's sabre / sword, with George IV 1822 hilt and earlier Napoleonic blade.

1822 Pattern Hilted Senior Welsh Infantry Officer's Swordimage H72 1

Sold Item Notice

Almost certainly, the original officer own had a flank officer's Napoleonic wars sword (1796P cavalry style, but shorter) mounted with this blade, and decided to keep / remount the blade into the new pattern of hilt in 1822. There being still great flexibility, especially amongst senior officers, at the time. The dragon etching speaks for itself, the triple arrows and archer's hat comes from the fact that the Welsh had the best archers in Britain, so remembered on this blade.

image H72 2

image H72 3

The 28 1/2 inch blade with dragoon, archer's hat / arrows and other talismanic icons etched thereon, breaks with convention as there is no royal cypher to the blade itself. Again, this and the remounting of the blade into the new 1822P hilt (together with the checkered ivory grip) shows the individuality and senior rank of the officer involved. The early George IV 1822 pattern hilt attesting to the fact that was for a serving British officer. The blade is firm in the brass hilt, the hilt with some bending as to be expected. The grip having lost one section. The sword is in an aged but good and sound condition, and is one of a kind for sure

A great chance to own a circa 200 year old highly individual Welsh officer's sword. Please quote item reference number H72 (1023). Further / full sized images available upon request.

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