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Napoleonic Wars British Light Cavalry Sabre, J Odell / Osborn, sold

In good overall condition, a J Odell / Henry Osborne 1796 pattern British light cavalry trooper's sabre with later scabbard.

1796P Napoleonic Wars Era British Light Cavalry Sabre, J Odell / Osbornimage H49 1

Sold Item Notice

The spine of this sword is marked "J O" in cursive script plus "warranted" in standard font; the "J O" is for John Odell in London. The dove-tailed langets, lobed grip ears and flattened edge ferrule mean the sabre was actually made by Henry Osborne / Osborn of Birmingham. We describe this as a trooper's sabre, but it well may have been a cavalry corporal of horse's or even an officer's campaign sabre.

image H49 2

The 32 1/4 inch blade is generally in good condition, though with wear, light pitting and patina; there appears to be the remains of a crown acceptance mark but we can not be sure, especially as it would have been unusual for the Board of Ordnance to buy from a cutler / retailer such as Odell. In any event, the blade has a few very old / period nicks to the forward cutting edge of the blade implying combat use. The blade is firm in the hilt. The hilt is in good shape, the leather grip complete with most of the twisted silver wire bindings remaining (the presence of silver wire bindings also may indicate an NCO or officer's sabre). The scabbard is later, though it fits very well. one of the langets has a tendency to block the scabbard from sheathing fully unless pushed back into place (these are dove-tailed langets so they are not broken but simply a little loose).

Anyway, this sabre is an absolute bargain and you would hard pushed to buy one for less even at auction / trade prices. Please quote item reference number H49 (1019). Further / full sized images upon request.

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