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1821P Wilkinson Cockspur St British Heavy Cavalry Officer's Sword, sold

In good condition, a rare Wilkinson of Cockspur Street Victorian British heavy cavalry officer's sword, 1849, initialed.

1821P Wilkinson Cockspur St Victorian British Heavy Cavalry Officer's Sword, Initialledimage H35 1

Sold Item Notice

When is a Wilkinson sword not a Wilkinson Sword? When it was made by Wilkinson of Cockspur Street Charring Cross in 1849. In 1850 Henry Wilkinson of Pall Mall threatened to sue poor Mr Wilkinson of Cockspur Street to stop putting the name "Wilkinson" on his swords, even though the later was not in breach of any Trademark and was well within he legal rights. Tiny, by comparison, Mr. Wilkinson of Cockspur Street agreed under pressure, and hence the answer to the riddle, and also "If you can get a Wilkinson of Cockpur Street sword, grab it, because they are rarer and many (including us) would say worth more than a "Henry Wilkinson" / "Wilkinson Sword".

image H35 3

What is more, this particular Wilkinson sword (sorry Henry) is made even more desirable by the fact that it has the original owner's initials on the blade, " E W P". Given the sword was made in 1849 / 1850, it should therefore be possible to determine / research the original owner of this contentiously marked sword.

image H35 2

This is a magnificent sword and was clearly made by a very skilled craftsman. The magnificent and well etched 35 inch blade is firm in the hilt. The blade has been period sharpened and there are period nicks to the cutting edge that imply the sword was used in battle. The blade has some corrosion towards the point but not too much. The steel ladder hilt is in very good condition for its age to. The fishskin grip is worn very much in places, which suggests this sword was held / wielded a lot. The copper twisted grip wire bindings are in overall very good shape and make a very nice change from the normal brass or silver metal. The steel scabbard attests to the fact this sword has been worn will mounted, a lot. It has a lot of period damage (dents, dings, etc.). Complete with white leather sword knot (presumed original), the sword sheathes and draws well.

Oh, what a great research project for someone. And what a great and rare sword, irrespective of its active service history. A real snip at £600; grab it quick, you are very, very unlikely to find another Wilkinson of Cockspur Street example. Please quote item reference H35 (991). Further / full sized images available upon request.

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image H35 6 Wilkinson Cockspur Street

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