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1620-1640 Scottish Horseman's Backsword, McAllister Hilt, sold

In very good condition for its age, a rare early to mid 17th Century Scottish horseman's basket hilt backsword, McAllister hilt, earlier Mid-16C Passau Wolf marked blade by Herman Klein.

1620-1640 Scottish Horseman's Backsword, McAllister Hilt, Earlier 16C Passau Bladeimage H21 1

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Museum quality rare sword alert! Very few of these early 17C horseman's swords survive. This one has an impressively long 38 3/4 inch blade and elegant twin fullered back edged blade with middle 16th Century Passau Wolf marks, with "Herman Klein" either side of each; the Klein family were blade grinders in Solingen, so the blade was probably bought by them in Passau, ground, and then shipped to Scotland. It is not uncommon for good blades to receive new hilts. It is quite possible this basket hilt was still being carried at the tome of Culloden, an incredible 100 or more years after the sword was made, around 200 years after the blade was originally made; that is how old and rare this sword is.

image H21 2 Herman Klein Solingen

image H21 Middle 16C Passau Wolf

The 38 1/4 inch blade is lovely, very well made and yet light enough to make it practical for use, held at arm's length in a charge; this sword makes English cavalry swords of the same era look very primitive indeed; the blade even longer then 19C French Cuirassier blades. Clearly designed as a thrust weapon, this elegant blade is still firm in the hilt. The hilt type is known as a McAllister, and this one is in exceptionally good condition, though aged of course. The grip is not original but still has a great deal of age to it.

Forget the price, you will never come across a better example in our opinion. If you want to know how good this sword is, buy it, then buy a copy of Sword and Sword Makers of England and Scotland (Bezdek), turn to page 365 and gloat that you have a better example than shown in this iconic reference book. OK, do not hesitate, it is yours for £2500. Please quote item reference number H21 (1024). Further / full sized images available upon request.

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