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Japanese Edo Period Hizen Province Wakizashi, Sold

In good condition, the unsigned blade especially, an Edo period Japanese wakizashi, Edo period, Hizen province.

Japanese Edo Period Hizen Province Wakizashiimage H15 1

Sold Item Notice

OK, the mounts are not great. OK, the fuchi is missing. OK, one side of the Same rayskin grip cover has split. But the blade in this wakizashi is pretty good, to say the least, and the mounts could be home improved to make this quite some sword.

image H15 2

image H15 3

The two mekugi-ana (peg hole) 17 inch blade (excludes habaki) is typical Edo period Hizen with Sugo-kuichigai ha hamon and small mokune grain and in a relatively high state of polish. The mounts are typical 1970's which we believe could be vastly improved with a little work. The tsuba appears to be period, Edo.

OK, just try and buy an authentic wakizashi with such a good perhaps 300 to 500 year old blade elsewhere at xxx; ours is a very good price. Please quote item reference H15 (994). Further / full sized images available upon request.

image H15 4

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