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19C Borneo Dyak Mandau / Head Hunter's Sword / Parang Ihlang, sold

An exceptional example and in very good condition, a 19th Century Borneo Dyak Mandau / Head Hunter's (Parang Ihlang) Sword with extensive brass insert work and other decoration.

image H14 19C Borneo Dyak Madau Headhunters Sword

Sold Item Notice

An exceptional, we believe top museum grade example of a 19th Century Borneo Dyak Mandau / Head Hunter's Sword (Parang Ihlang). The 23 1/2 inch blade has multiple rows of characteristic round brass inserts along one side, plus other blade decorations. There are even round brass inserts along the spine of the blade. The bone hilt is in exceptional condition, complete with animal (monkey) hair. The sheath is an above average example with carved wood panels. Everything is firm and good.

This is truly an exceptional example and we are unlikely ever to be offer one of this quality and condition for such a low price. Please quote item reference H14 (985). Further / full-sized pictures available upon request.

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