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WW2 German Armed Forces Pantographic Folding Butterfly Knife, sold.

In very good condition, an authentic WW2 German Airborne / Armed Forces Pantographic Folding Butterfly Knife.

image H10 WW2 German Pantographic Folding Butterfly Knife

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Please note: This is NOT one of the thousands of falsely / post-war SS marked (normally brass cased) pantographic folding butterfly knifes. It is well documented that these knives existed in small numbers in WW2 Germany, mostly bearing the German Trademark (believed to be civilian knives). Of the few that surface from WW2 veteran's lockers / estates, the genuine article is all steel and always plain; this is one such knife. It is not clear who these knives were issued to / used by, but the rounded pin finales are said to have been designed to fit into a belt (through the belt holes). The military versions of these knives, such as this one, are believed to have been used by some airborne forces, or even aircrew. This vagueness of detail tells you how rare these items are.

12.9 cm blade, 22.2 cm total length. Everything solid and working. Yours for £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference number H10 (22).

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