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Battle of Waterloo trophy, French Heavy Cavalry Trooper's Sword,Sold

In very good condition with original grip leather, a superb example of the French Cuirassier's An XI / XIII cavalry trooper's sword, by Klingenthal, spear point, a Waterloo war trophy.

Battle of Waterloo trophy, French Heavy Cavalry Trooper's Sword, Klingenthalimage H02 1

Sold Item Notice

Guaranteed authentic; this is NOT a reproduction. This is an exceptional Napoleonic French heavy cavalry trooper's sword. Not only is the sword in very good condition, but so too are the lovely browned scabbard and leather grip; it is very rare to find the original grip leather and in such very good condition. The date inscription along the blade's spine shows it was made in Klingenthal in October 1813, and has the correct poinçons (inspection marks) on the blade of Krantz, Bick & Lobstein. The hilt is free of tarnish, which is a good thing as the only option with well tarnished brass hilts is to clean them bright or leave them black. This hilt has a lovely aged golden colour befitting of the fact it is over 200 years old.

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The mighty and impressive 37 3/4 inch blade is in excellent condition, having been converted from original hatchet to spear point in the field just before the Battle of Waterloo. Blade is firm in the hilt. The hilt in very good condition. The hilt is actually likely older than the blade, as the original rack / weapon number "264" has been struck out and a new one "692" stamped alongside. This normally happened when the original blade was damaged, generally in battle.

The leather grip is original and in very good condition. The twisted grip wire bindings we believe are a later replacement (these bindings are often missing) but it is hard to tell; they may be original but, if not, they are exceptionally well done. The mark 3 scabbard is in very good condition. The chemical browning (note, not rust) is complete and very attractive. The scabbard lends us to believe the sword was fitted with a replacement blade and scabbard not long before the 100 Days Napoleonic War. In any event, this is a 100% authentic sword and Waterloo battle trophy (it seems the conquering British servicemen were exceptionally impressed with these swords and brought them back to the UK as war trophies in fairly considerable numbers, though they are now a scarce sword and especially when in such good condition). The sword sheathes and draws very well.

Certainly, the most effective heavy cavalry sword of the Napoleonic Wars and a wonderful piece of history in such good condition makes it well worth the price tag; just try and find a better authentic example for the price. Please quote item reference H02 (1000). Further / full sized images upon request.

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